Perfume - A~Chan
Infinite - Dongwwo and Sungyeol
EXO - Lay
TM Revolution and Kwill
Gurl, you is lookin' as ugly as shiet

Can’t you just hear his laughter through the screen?


when you’re singing really loud and someone walks in and you just kind of



the time when i thought that i was 100% straight



As a Korean, I can’t help but laugh at American and other over sea KPOP fans. Most KPOP groups aren’t even popular as you think they are in korea. A lot of these groups are simply attractive with no talent or pretty bad lyrics in general. Which why in Korea, everyone knew Busker Busker would win but on the internet everyone was in shock. Get over it and admit it, you are only into KPOP for the looks. Not the lyrics, not the music.


i don’t spend $20 per cd to listen to pretty faces

if i did then i would’ve just printed out pictures-

anyways, if that were the case i would probably like every single kpop group out there, and i actually only care for just over half a dozen of them.


I dont really care what anybody says about this but I really wish that Key would release a solo song or something.

A Letter From Heaven


A Luhan fan passed away recently from leukemia, and her last wish was to give this letter to Luhan.

The letter reads: 

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Bottle and Glass Of Wine